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About This Project

We were asked to create new branding for one of the most unique companies we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with — Specialized Onsite Services (SOS).

Ever see new cars displayed at a stadium, or a major art exhibit set up at a museum, or an interactive kiosk installed at a mall, or snack bars handed out at a train station, or grandstands and tents erected at a farm show, or port-o-potties lined up at an outdoor concert, or banners hung from buildings, or mannequins posed in boutiques, or even a flash mob dancing, and wonder who does all that stuff?

Well, SOS does.

SOS has offices in major hubs across the country, a workforce the size of a standing army, and more than 100 years of collective experience across its member companies.  So SOS can tackle just about any task.  Just about anywhere.  With just a moment’s notice.

Wherever non-union labor is allowed, SOS can provide carpenters, designers, installers, laborers, light duty personnel, and other workers every bit as skilled as their union counterparts.

All without a union price.

In fact, clients and brand stewards save on average a whopping 39% with SOS.  For the exact same work.

Our challenge was to figure out a way to quickly communicate all of that visually.

Inspired by the famous “Where’s Waldo” illustrations and also by the best work from the world of pixel art, Sticky created the idea for this densely detailed piece, then worked with Swedish illustrator Arvid Wessman to bring it to life.

The SOS illustration, which features the company’s president and its eight co-op company leaders as cameos, includes more than 1,000,000 pixels, and took eight weeks to complete.