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Business Plan:

Drive In-store Retail Traffic with 2-for-1 Deals That Give More Purchase Power To Shoppers Who Shop Together.

Executive Summary:

Twogether Day is a mid-August promotional event aimed at driving foot traffic to malls, grocers, and other retail areas, leveraging shopping incentives such as BOGO (Buy One, Get One), two-for-one deals, 50% off a second item, and more.

Twogether Day will partner with malls, grocers, retail districts, chambers of commerce, and national retail organizations to encourage shoppers to shop with a friend, family member, colleague, or classmate, so they can save on 2-for-1 end-of-summer and back-to-school deals at participating retailers.


1. Increase in-store traffic at participating malls, grocers, and retailers by 30% compared to typical mid-August weekday traffic.

2. Generate buzz and excitement around the concept of shopping together as a fun and social way to save money.

3. Increase sales for participating retailers by 20% during the event day.

4. Strengthen partnerships between mall management companies, retailers, and national retail organizations.

5. Increase purchase power for shoppers in a time of rising prices.

Target Audience (Test Market Before National Rollout):

– Residents of the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area.

– Families and students preparing for back-to-school.

– Bargain-hunters seeking end-of-summer deals.

– Tourists who seek unique shopping experiences.

Marketing and Promotion Strategy:

1. Collaborate with national mall, grocery, and retail organizations and chambers of commerce to promote the event through their channels, including social media, email newsletters, and website.

2. Launch targeted digital advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, emphasizing the exclusive 2-for-1 shopping incentives.

3. Partner with affiliate marketing platforms to connect influencers with malls, shopping districts, and companies that have a collection of retailers and/or a portfolio of products and brands.

4. A Twogether Day app that has a directory of participating retailers.

5. A Twogether Day site that features 2-for-1 deals 365 days a year, and incentivizes shoppers to join together to compete against other teams.

Event Execution:

1. Create official exclusive Twogether Day decals, in-store signage, and digital banners for participating retailers to display.

2. Set up designated areas within participating malls, grocers, and retailers to showcase special 2-for-1 shopping deals for customers.

3. Deploy trained staff to assist shoppers and provide information about participating brands and incentives.

4. Create a festive atmosphere with live music, entertainment, and interactive experiences to enhance the shopping experience.

5. Offer exclusive giveaways and prizes to incentivize participation and drive excitement.

Evaluation and Measurement:

1. Monitor foot traffic using mall traffic counters and compare data with baseline traffic levels to measure the event’s impact.

2. Track sales data for participating retailers on the event day and compare with average sales figures to assess the event’s effectiveness in driving sales.

3. Collect feedback from shoppers through surveys and social media engagement to gauge satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.

4. Measure online engagement metrics such as website visits, social media impressions, and email open rates to evaluate the success of marketing efforts.

5. Conduct post-event meetings with mall management companies, retailers, and partners to review results, share insights, and plan for future collaborative initiatives.


Twogether Day presents a unique opportunity to drive traffic and boost sales at malls and retail areas through the appeal of 2-for-1 shopping incentives that encourage shoppers to shop together.

As the appeal of online shopping has seemingly plateaued, Twogether Day will create a fun, social, and memorable way for customers to shop and save, as it showcases the continued relevance of in-store shopping in today’s retail landscape.

Twogether Day is a promotional event aimed at driving foot traffic to malls in the US, leveraging the collective appeal of group shopping incentives such as BOGO (Buy One, Get One), two-for-one deals, 50% off a second item, and more.

By partnering with major mall management companies and leveraging the reach of national retail organizations, this event will showcase brands and retailers in malls and other shopping districts, highlighting their ongoing appeal to customers.

Twogether Day is August 14, six months from Valentine’s Day, and just in time for Back-To-School.

And every day will be TWOGETHER DAY at, where there will be daily listings of great double deals and BOGO offers available at retailers everywhere.  But only when you shop twogether with someone else.

So get twogether with your sister, brother, father, mother, BFF, adversary, co-worker, boss, roommate, neighbor, favorite K-pop singer, or even a complete stranger, and get ready to save.