Twogether Day | ROCK IN ROBBINS
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About This Project

We created the branding and communication for a community economic development in Robbins, Illinois, named ROCK IN ROBBINS.

Robbins, the birthplace of black aviation, the first black rodeo, and original home of NBA champ Dwyane Wade and Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhuru on Star Trek), is poised for revitalization thanks to its proximity to Chicago and the Cal Sag Channel, and the mining of limestone, a natural resource of which the U.S. uses 1.5 billion tons each year.

The Village of Robbins is a proud, historic south suburban African American community. The Village of Robbins was incorporated on December 14, 1917 and it is the oldest all-black governed incorporated town in the northern United States. In 1930, Robbins became the home of the first black airport ever built in the United States. The airport and its flight school for African-Americans flourished until 1933, when a violent windstorm destroyed the hanger and the three airplanes inside. The airport and flight school served as a model for the Tuskegee Airmen Program during WW II. Recently, the Village has suffered from blight and impoverishment and subsequently, the Village’s population has dwindled. The ability of the Village to service its’ debt is challenged.

In addition to the branding, logo design and photography for ROCK IN ROBBINS, Sticky is developing a video story about the town of Robbins and its people.

Sticky designed the ROCK IN ROBBINS logo to be versatile in its use, so it could be identify and include all groups and interests within the community, including Village administrators, residents, schools, business people, developers, and those with ties to Robbins’ history.

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