Twogether Day | The Exhibitionists
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The Exhibitionists

Don Rose created work for and attended many conventions for Anheuser-Busch, where he saw the amount of planning and production that went into the events that attracted, entertained, and catered to more than five thousand beer distributors.


While working for Specialized Onsite Services, which provided non-union labor for events and shows that many of the large union-only display companies (featured above in the pixel art designed for SOS) couldn’t do, Don realized just how much effort and investment is put into trade shows (about $16 billion in the US alone) by hundreds of thousands of brands and products.

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As a way to extend the value of that investment, Don thought that viewers everywhere — not just those in attendance — should be able to see the highlights and coolest brands from those trade shows.


Trade shows range from dental conventions in Las Vegas to music events in Anaheim to watch extravaganzas in Basel, with everything from coffee to confections to cannabis to cosplay attracting huge audiences of buyers and sellers.


A TV or cable show about those shows would enable exhibitors to maximize the return on the expenditure for the displays, installations, and other eye candy they pay to those trade show fabricators.  (Who could easily justify their own episode.)


The same would be true for the venues.


And that led to the inspiration for The Exhibitionists.  The Show About The Show.