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Footing First

Equestrian, Video Production
About This Project

We have created this video for Footing First, filmed with champion jumper McLain Ward at his home and training center, Castle Hill.

There could be no greater endorsement for Footing First than McLain’s personal note to the company: “We have had our previous footing here at Castle Hill Farm my entire life. Needless to say, we’ve had our share of success. To be honest, I was very nervous to make such a major change in our footing not only because of those results but also the personal attachment to what my father had built here. But we must progress and change with time, always trying to better ourselves and how we train and care for our horses. So now after what was a monumental change for us I am truly so pleased and happy we did this. Of course the footing is amazing. Perfect in every way and weather condition. It not only is a far superior surface to train on, it is also a huge aesthetic improvement to our farm, which as you know I am very proud of. More important, working with Footing First has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. Your professionalism and personal dedication is an example for every business. Thank you, McLain.”

FootingFirst, LLC has been a leader in the development of synthetic equestrian footing since introducing the highly-acclaimed TravelRight and TravelLite surfaces

Footing First is determined to produce superior riding surfaces for every equestrian discipline.

After years of research and hands-on experience, Footing First has developed a range of footing surfaces, including the innovative dust-free TravelBright Surface. Learn more about Footing First at

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